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Even politicians post things they regret later.

You can see the tweets they posted first, and deleted after on Politwoops.

Reece Whitby (WA-ALP) : RT @KenTraversMLC: Ariel sign-writer graph of State Debt under Mr Barnett! MT: @tweetperth any idea what is pulling these contrails http://…
Paul Papalia (WA-ALP) : RT @PoliticsFairfax: What did Gough Whitlam actually do? Quite a lot, in fact. theage.com.au/federal-politi… #auspol
Simone McGurk (WA-ALP) : Joining the true believers who were inspired by & grateful to #Gough. The best Labor reforming tradition Aust is still the better for.
John McTernan (ALP) : RT @MsIntervention: My comment in today's @standardnews: "Evil cannot be tamed or contained. #ISIS must be completely obliterated." http://…
John McTernan (ALP) : RT @MsIntervention: @kohnadeh Can I come, too? I love Afghan food! ;o) @johnmcternan
Roger Cook (WA-ALP) : Enjoying the launch of the Kerry Stokes biography as a guest of AIM WA http://t.co/8Ne6WUXhmZ
John McTernan (ALP) : RT @DIYarsethetic: @tom_watson @GlaikitGeezer @johnmcternan @jimmurphymp You denigrate yourself by your association to McTernan and Murphy.
John McTernan (ALP) : RT @KStarsmeare: @johnmcternan @TheScotsman your argument is childish. I find it astounding that people pay to read your viewpoint.
John McTernan (ALP) : RT @Murdochsrevenge: @MrStevenRaeburn @johnmcternan It's bigotry and it's unScottish. They demean our whole country and our people.